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I’ve been involved with boats since I was ten years old, so how to buy a used boat seems obvious to me. It isn't easy - sometimes, buying a house can be easier. And many people love their boats more than their houses! I'll give you guidance about the various aspects of buying a used boat on this site.  


  1. What you can afford - capital.
  2. What you can afford – annual running expenses – budget 10% of capital.
  3. What you want to use it for.
  4. Whether you want plastic, GRP, wood, steel or exotics.
  5. Write your ideal specification.


  1. Persuade your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/other/bank manager.
  2. Line up the funds.
  3. Find the boat.
  4. Buy it.
  5. Exceed your budget every year!

There are a lot of pitfalls along the way, and I deal with many of them on this site. The biggest pitfall though, the one I hear about most often, is buying a boat different to what was originally wanted because the buyer fell in love with her. I never found chine-built boats especially attractive, then I was tempted, and over ten years later she’s my home, and we’ve got more than 50,000 miles under the keel together.

Older, classic boats are particularly tempting in this respect – like mature women, they are so experienced and they have wonderful stories to tell – if only they could talk. These boats, just like women, each have their own special scent which is laden with life and the loving attention they have enjoyed. Again, like all ladies, they don’t come without their problems. If they’ve been used extensively then machinery/masts/sails/hull may be tired and need replacing. Then we’re back to a makeover. Keep that in mind when you prepare your budget. And, if you are a lady reading this, then I hope that you will understand.

Then there's How NOT to buy a used boat - check this. Breathtaking!

On this site you will find advice on where to buy, how to buy, the various hull materials, how to check an engine and loads more besides. I hope that my experience will help you buy wisely. It's said that when you are involved with boats, the more you learn then the more you realise how much you don't know. That's a fact!



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